Fish Out of Water

We met over coffee,
discussed everything,
from piano and bass,
to Danielewski and Bukowski.

As we sat,
it looked like some pages were there,
but when we tried to read,
we realized,
there was no story here.

And although,
we were not meant to be,
our paths were meant to cross,
because you had unknowingly,
helped me to see,
that I had gotten lost.

About Blinded by Bukowski

40 y/o female with a pen and a piano. Reading between the lines, sometimes skipping a few.
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1 Response to Fish Out of Water

  1. shira2008 says:

    It always baffled me to that I had to take various and
    many different paths before I said “That’s it !”
    To this day , it still happens ,and I get frustrated -not knowing right away-
    But , I know now. The right path always opens up,
    And so be it with yours. We can
    Not dictate the amount of time it takes,
    But The right road always opens up wide!!
    See the lights ahead!!!


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