Karma Police

this is a mess,
not quite wax poetic,
don’t know if i’m coming or going,
and pretty sure I don’t get it.

Been Facetiming with friends,
and running for miles,
taking an absurd amount of selfies,
with an absurd amount of smiles.

Don’t know what’s ahead,
or if i’m riding solo for life,
been writing crappy songs on the piano,
to accompany my strife.

This poem has to end,
cause there’s profanity on the way,
but thought I should mention,
that whole “taking the high road” thing,
that ends today.

About Blinded by Bukowski

40 y/o female with a pen and a piano. Reading between the lines, sometimes skipping a few.
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4 Responses to Karma Police

  1. Mike Fried says:

    This is brilliant! Your poetry is really, really good!


  2. davebills says:

    Hey Laurie, I love this poem! Hope you are doing well.



    Liked by 1 person

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